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Compact SunPatiens just before shipping

Compact SunPatiens just before shipping

Professional Growers

As a revolutionary new hybrid, SunPatiens® have a proven reputation for outstanding performance in the garden and commercial landscapes, but their impressive features are not limited to outdoor displays.  Growers will find SunPatiens® are extremely easy to produce and can be very profitable.  

SunPatiens® Deliver Value

  • An aggressive root system allows the option to direct stick into finished containers (up to 5-inch pots) saving time, labor and money
  • SunPatiens root extremely fast and can produce finished liners in just 2 weeks
  • Reduced crop time uses less energy and yields more turns in the same space
  • SunPatiens grow well over a wide temperature range providing flexibility with production scheduling
  • Plants can be finished under cool conditions with petunias and geraniums, saving energy and eliminating the need for PGR's
  • SunPatiens flourish under the most extreme summer heat conditions to extend your selling season and increase sales
  • Your customers benefit from their full-sun to shade versatility, strong vigor and continuous flower production
  • Strong weather-tolerant plants allows you to provide three–season performance, from spring through hard frost