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SunPatiens Cutting

SunPatiens Cutting

Culture Tips

for the Professional Grower

One of the keys to producing healthy, attractive SunPatiens® is to recognize they are not New Guinea Impatiens and temperature, water, and crop timing should be treated accordingly. You can download a detailed summary of our recommended cultural practices below, but consider the following key points as you get familiar with SunPatiens…

  • Temperature: Plants grow acceptably well over a wide temperature range from the low 60's to the low 80's but an average daily temperature of 68┬░ F provides rapid flowering of quality plants. Timing will be slower or faster as temperatures deviate from the 68┬░ F average.
  • Rooting: SunPatiens have an aggressive root system and are ready for transplant in just 2-3 weeks depending on the liner size. Because of this strong rooting ability many growers choose to direct stick urc's into finished-containers to save time and money.
  • Watering: To establish a quality plant with a strong root system, be careful not to initially over-saturate the media. Waiting until the plants show a slight wilt before watering promotes a strong root system and increases uptake of calcium for strong, healthy stems and leaves. In the later stages of production, water restriction is an effective way to control plant height.
  • Crop Timing: SunPatiens have a vigorous habit and are quick to flower. Total crop time for 6-inch pots is around 8-10 weeks, compared to 12-13 for New Guinea Impatiens.

Download Additional Information

SunPatiens Cultural Guide

Sakata is pleased to introduce a detailed cultural guide for growers. You can download this comprehensive SunPatiens Culture Guide now.