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SunPatiens® Family

for the Professional Grower

SunPatiens® are offered in a wide array of colors and three distinct habits to address the specific needs of your production and target market. 

Compact Orange lends a vibrant touch

Compact Series

Perfect for beds, patio containers and hanging baskets

Compact SunPatiens® are bred for shorter internodes and excellent branching for a dense, bushy plant and strong retail appeal.  Available in seven colors, the Compact SunPatiens® are the perfect choice for quart, gallon and hanging basket production. Compact varieties do not require growth regulator applications if plants are not grown wet with high nutrition and produced under high light.

SunPatiens brighten up the Pro Tour at Quail Creek Country Club

Spreading Series

Outstanding in baskets and landscapes where coverage is key

Spreading SunPatiens® have a mounding habit versus the more upright V-shape of the Vigorous series. Ideally suited for basket and premium patio pots, these plants also perform exceptionally well in landscapes where a rounded, spreading form is preferred. They are available in four colors, including two with bold variegated foliage.

Mix colors of Vigorous SunPatiens for eye-catching commercial planting.

Vigorous Series

Ideal for larger landscape areas and mass plantings

With our Vigorous SunPatiens, the name says if all! The perfect plant where fast growing color is essential. While most commonly produced in larger containers, these plants cover a lot of bare ground fast and can be offered as 60-70mm “ready-to-plant” liners. This package provides quick turns for the grower and is ideal for the commercial landscaper and home gardener looking to save labor and simplify planting.