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Vigorous Orange and Magenta

Vigorous Orange and Magenta

SunPatiens® Vigorous

The Vigorous family of SunPatiens are ideal for backdrops or massive color displays.  Plants have a strong, upright habit with sturdy stems and robust vigor. Vigorous varieties can grow 24-42” tall and 24-30” wide in the garden. Their aggressive root system takes hold quickly and is ideal for large landscape and municipal planting applications.  A single planting can provide non-stop color from spring through fall.

  • Strong stems hold up well in rain and wind

  • Ideal for cooler climates where plant grow may be limited

  • Full-sun to part-shade versatility

  • Thrives under high heat and humid conditions

  • Unaffected by downy mildew!


Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Vigorous Lavender'

Vigorous Lavender

US PP19,501 SAKIMP006

Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Vigorous Magenta'

Vigorous Magenta

US PP17,662 Misato FG3

Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Vigorous Orange'

Vigorous Orange

US PP17,663 Misato FG2

Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Vigorous White'

Vigorous White

US PP19,616 SAKIMP010