Compact Magenta backed by a row of Vigorous Magenta forms a traffic-stopping border around this home

Compact Magenta backed by a row of Vigorous Magenta forms a traffic-stopping border around this home

Compact SunPatiens®

Impatiens x hybrida hort

Compact SunPatiens® are dense, bushy plants that are well-branched and covered with flowers. They grow 24” to 36" tall and equally wide in the garden and slightly shorter (18-24" tall) in containers and baskets. In the garden, the Compact series is early to flower and well behaved with an upright, beefy habit.  Available in seven colors, Compact SunPatiens are the perfect choice for exceptional patio pots and hanging baskets as well as the garden.

  • Landscape Size: Grows 24-36" tall and wide in the garden
  • Container Size:   Grows 18-24" tall and wide in containers or baskets

Gardener Features & Benefits:

  • Compact, more controlled habit
  • Ideal for baskets and patio containers
  • Fast growing and easy to care for
  • Thrive in either full sun or shade
  • Excel in hot and humid conditions, yet tolerate light frost
  • Strong, weather tolerant plants hold up well to wind and rain
  • No need to remove old flowers - new growth covers faded blooms quickly
  • Three season performance - spring through hard frost
  • Outstanding color late in the season when other annuals are past their prime

The Compact Series

Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Compact Blush Pink'

Compact Blush Pink

US PP19,597
Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Compact Coral'

Compact Coral

US PP19,622
Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Compact Deep Rose'

Compact Deep Rose

US PP21,753
Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Compact Electric Orange'

Compact Electric Orange

Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Compact Hot Coral'

Compact Hot Coral

US PP24,321
Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Compact Lilac'

Compact Lilac

US PP19,392
Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Compact Pink'

Compact Pink

Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Compact Red'

Compact Red

Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Compact Royal Magenta'

Compact Royal Magenta

Impatiens x hybrida hort 'Compact White Imp.'

Compact White Improved

US PP24,320

Proof Positive:

Garden performance of SunPatiens® has been tested in many sites around the world including UK, USA, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Guatemala. Trial results show exceptional performance under cool or warm conditions, in rain, wind, in direct sun or shade. Trials show SunPatiens are far more vigorous, have much greater flower power and are considerably longer lived compared to standard New Guinea varieties. In addition, trials show SunPatiens outperform many other classes of annuals such as geranium, petunia and vinca when it comes to season long performance.


In Cannes, Southern France, SunPatiens® were planted throughout parks during the spring. Normally, due to extreme hot conditions, re-planting is necessary during the summer period. But not with SunPatiens®! Due to the extraordinary flower power, vigorous growth and strong roots of SunPatiens®, the parks looked beautiful all summer. Trials in Athens, Georgia, USA show similar results where April plantings look remarkable throughout the extreme heat and humidity of summer all the way until the first hard frost.