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Where to Grow

 Whether you have one pretty hanging basket by your front door to fill, or an acre of land to play with, SunPatiens can do the job. 

Because of their unique breeding, SunPatiens grow extremely well in sunny or shady areas.  This makes them very versatile and means that almost everyone can enjoy the incredible flower power of SunPatiens. The truth is, no matter which series you choose to take home, you can't go wrong. They all perform remarkably well in a variety of climates and in many different situations.

Follow our simple 1,2,3 guide to choose the SunPatiens that are right for you, or take a look at our Ideas & Inspiration  page to see what others are doing with SunPatiens!

The  1,2,3 Guide to SunPatiens® at Home

1) Hanging Baskets

 Choose Spreading or Compact types.

2) Patio Containers

Choose the Spreading Series if you want a mounding shape, or the Compact Series if you want a more upright look.

3) Garden Beds 

Choose according to the amount of space you have and the look you want:

Compact is best for smaller spaces and for mingling with other annuals.

The Vigorous Series has an upright, V-shaped form. It is stunning in large spaces and makes a vivid backdrop for other plants.

Spreading is ideal if you prefer a mounded form that covers a lot of ground fast.


For more Where to Grow ideas, please see our DIY page.